Junior Members in the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Florida (FSMD) are our youngest descendants of the Pilgrims.

Typically, Junior Members are under 25 years of age who have been sponsored by a relative (i.e. Aunt, Uncle, Parent, Grandparent, etc.).  We, the FSMD have our own application and specifications for applying and becoming a Junior Member.

A Junior Member is someone who is a member of our society, or one of the fifty-two partner societies, but has not completed an application to the General Society proving descent from a Pilgrim.  They are assigned a Junior State number but not a General Society number.  They may not vote or hold office.  Those who are Junior Members may remain in that status until their 25th birthday.

Junior Members may convert to Life Membership at any age as long as the usual lineage papers are executed by the sponsor member on their behalf and the papers are approved by both the State Historian and General Society Historians.  They may not vote or hold office until they reach 18.

At age 18 a Junior Member may transfer to full membership provided the usual lineage papers are completed and approved.  Transfer is encouraged before or at age 25 because Juniors who do not transfer at that point will be dropped by FSMD in accordance with the GSMD Constitution.