Becoming a Junior Member of the James Cilton Colony allows children to become more aware of their heritage.  It encourages them to participate in school discussions during Thanksgiving and provides pride in being a descendant of a Mayflower passenger.

As a first step:

For a someone up to age 18 to become a Junior Member of the James Chilton Colony, they must have a sponsor (see Who Is Eligible).

Therefore, a new born child or someone age 18 can become a Junior Member with a sponsor relative’s assistance.  The relative can be a parent, grandparent, great grandparent, aunt or uncle who are already Mayflower Society members.

If you are a Mayflower Society member and you want to signup Junior Members see below.


The sponsor must complete a Junior Membership Application for each person they want to sponsor.  Once complete, applications should be sent to the Colony Junior Membership Chairperson at jamesccolony@gmail.com along with the appropriate fee ($30) in check form made out to “State Treasurer”.

If sponsors do not have the Colony Junior Membership Chairperson’s contact information, they can request email or mailing addresses by sending an email to: jamesccolony@gmail.com.

Click for link to Junior Membership Application