Process to Join_JCC_GSMDDocumentation has become easier in recent years due to the Internet and libraries specializing in genealogy.  The best documentation to look for is vital records such as the birth, marriage and death certificates for each person.  Other documentation might be published genealogies, family documents and other official records.

As a first step:

If you have a relative who is a recent member of the Mayflower Society, please contact our James Chilton Colony Historian.  The Historian can be reached at and can obtain a copy of your relative’s application and begin the application process using this prior approved application.  In most cases, new applicants will only have to provide documents for the new member’s generation or one or two prior generations if using a relative’s application.

Second Step:

If you do not have a relative who is not already a member, you can submit a Preliminary Lineage Review Form directly to the Mayflower Society (there is a $35.00 fee per inquiry for this service).  It will be reviewed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible and you will receive a report on the findings with instructions on how to proceed.  They will also share your information with the Florida Society’s Historian and she will, in turn, contact the appropriate local colony with your name and information.  Our Historian will then contact you to begin your application process.

Download Preliminary Review Form

For additional questions or information, please contact our Historian at More information about the Mayflower Society can be found by downloading the Society’s Membership Brochure:

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